Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management may be as basic as scanning/capture of paper records with file indexing and electronic storage and retrieval capabilities, or as robust as the advanced management of all electronically created files in an organization.

In 1996 we became one of the nation’s few document imaging service bureaus, and since that time have expanded our services to include enterprise content management for public and private companies.

It is proven that electronically managing an organization’s documentation enhances security and reduces storage costs while creating efficient workflow and customer service for all types of industries.

Our ECM software is scalable for small offices or global enterprises:

  • Reduce retrieval time and lost documentation
  • Audit/track activity for regulatory compliance
  • Check out/check in documents with revisions and rollbacks
  • Shield information with encryption (even at rest)
  • Create disaster recovery programs with ease
  • Automated backups
  • Require users to record and disclose recipients of information
  • Document level and enterprise level security
  • Manage retention schedules
  • Seamlessly access and manage files from Microsoft Office or other line-of-business applications

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