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    Electronic I-9s can be completed from any internet enabled device, from laptop to cell phone.

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    Lead the way through the sometimes complex process.

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    Electronic file storage and retrieval.

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    Pre-employment Screening

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Who we are...
Our team has decades of experience in employment eligibility services. Our clients hire thousands of employees each year from coast to coast and border to border. The staff is made up of specialists in pre-hire (background screening) and post-hire (I-9) compliance, and our partners are attorneys.


What we do...
Through the use of our client support services, pre-employment background screening software, or electronic I-9 software, you can verify an individual’s unique eligibility to work for your company. Are you looking for just the right person for a single job, or are you looking for mass onboarding of migrant workers during a season? We’ve got the solution.


Why we do it...
That is our track record. Compliance with Form I-9 requirements is extremely serious and strangely complex. Sadly, the appropriate completion of I-9’s, and the use of the government’s E-Verify system, are not a safe harbor if you continue to employ unauthorized workers. Our programs have prevented government agency intervention in many cases, and have resolved many worksite enforcement activities.

Our Services

  • Form I-9 Services

    Since November 6, 1986, federal law requires employers  to verify the identity and employment authorization of each new employee in the United States.  This requirement relates to U.S. citizens and non-citizen workers alike.  This process begins at the time of hire using a Form I-9. ...
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  • E-Verify Agents

    E-Verify is the federal government’s free, internet based system which assists employers in determining the employment eligibility of each employee.  E-Verify is mandated for federal contractors and is mandatory for some or all employers in certain states. After properly completing the Form I-9, an employer...
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  • Background Screening

    Avoid employee fraud and costly liability while maintaining a workforce with less turnover.  Hiring the right candidate is made easier with the use of our internet-based employment screening service: Federal, State and County Criminal Record Searches Nationwide Criminal Record Database Search Residential Verification / SS...
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  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management may be as basic as scanning/capture of paper records with file indexing and electronic storage and retrieval capabilities, or as robust as the advanced management of all electronically created files in an organization. In 1996 we became one of the nation’s few...
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